As a teenager in early 70’s, I received a Kodak Retna 3c from my father who taught me how the camera worked and explained shutter speed, aperture, how to focus and how to put film in the camera. One warm day after school, I was enjoying some watermelon and on my second piece. I thought about how cool it would look if I took a photo of my pet parakeet (Walter) eating the watermelon. I took Walter out to our enclosed patio and grabbed my new camera.
I placed him on the watermelon and he flew away, again and again. I finally placed some birdseed inside the watermelon and this was the result. This was on my first roll of film ever.

I look back and not only am I surprised how well it turned out, but this was my first lesson in problem solving and patience that has stayed with me throughout my career.

David Solzberg

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